Tease posterWay back in 1999 I answered an online ad seeking extras for a film, my whim paying off when I was cast as a featured extra in COLLAPSE, directed by Jason Bolinger and Mike Saunders. The shoot was a lot of fun, shot in the fall of that year amid stunning colorful trees in a small town outside Iowa City, Iowa. Starring the husband/wife team of Chris (TWIN PEAKS) Mulkey and Karen (ST. ELSEWHERE) Landry, along with scream queen icon Linnea Quigley, COLLAPSE is the quiet story of the unraveling world surrounding a farmer and his family as a plague of the undead encroaches on their land and lives. My part is small as a crooked backed stumbling zombie, but I see some decent screen time thanks to the stellar Toby Sells makeup FX I sport. That is me below with the fancy sweater and slash across my face.

The project spent years in post and on the hunt for distribution, and is finally getting it from Ytinifni on September 23rd in the United States (it has been available over seas for well over a year now), and can be pre-ordered HERE.

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